Keynote Speakers

Our last day will be entirely educational!

For the first time ever, breakfast, lunch, cocktails and education will be offered to

both suppliers and retailers together.


The educational seminars on our last day will include: 

Synthetic and Lab Grown Diamonds

The President and CEO of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Tiffany Stevens along with Debbie Azar from GSI speaking about Synthetics, Lab Grown Diamonds, Mined diamonds, and what your responsibility is to yourself and the consumer.

Tiffany Stevens of JVC

Tiffany Stevens became President and CEO of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) in March of 2019, following

Cecilia Gardner, who held the role for 17 years. Stevens,

resume includes stints at a pediatric cancer nonprofit and

the in-house legal department at investment bank Bear Sterns.


Debbie Azar of GSI

Gemological Science International, or GSI, is an independent gemological organization that is one of the largest gemological entities in the world, with offices in four continents. Founded in New York City in 2005 by Mark Gershburg and Debbie Azar, GSI's laboratory division provides diamond and gemstone grading and identification services as well as gemological research, and a variety of educational programs for gemological professionals. GSI also acts as a resource of gem and jewelry information for trade press, global media organizations and the general public

Social Media and it's Importance


Bottomline Marketing speaking on all aspects and the ever-changing world of social media and how important it is for your business with a super fun interactive program. 

Kendall Kennedy and Jackie Brooks of BottomLine Marketing

Bottom Line Marketing was born in a garage in Northern Michigan, with nothing but a love for advertising and the dream to make it fun for us and our clients. Some people think we have too much fun at work, but that’s OK, because 

marketing should never be boring!

We pick our customers and partners very carefully. In fact, it is our motto that we will only take on clients that we would invite into our homes for dinner. Marketing requires a cohesive team effort, freely voicing your opinions, and trust.

When we take on new clients, we want to make sure our goals

are in sync and hit the ground running!

Fraud Protection Plans


Angela Gage, President of Solupay Processing System, 

will be explaining in detail about Fraud Protection Plans.

How to Secure Credit Card Transactions and Educate Your Employees on How to Mitigate Fraud.

Angela Gage of Solupay

Solupay offers the most technologically advanced credit card processing products and services in the jewelry industry. We continuously work to develop strategic partnerships with our vendors to provide the best pricing model and services available to our merchants.  We integrate to various jewelry software solutions, offer stand alone or mobile secure terminal solutions, assist with website payment options and provide fraud prevention products to facilitate these elements of your business. Contact us at 480.513.9294 or
for a free consultation today! 


Keith Elzia

Keith Elzia from Enterprise Content Solutions. Mr. Eliza spent 18 years as Executive Vice President at IBM. Keith will be closing our summit by going into detail about A.I. (artificial intelligence) and how it will help you. This is a MUST SEE event!

Keith Elzia from ECS

As President of ECS, Keith is responsible for overall company leadership, vision and growth. His executive leadership experience is leverage by C-Level client officers and his extensive experience in technology, data optimization, strategy and complex supply chain logistics. He is often referred to as a true “Marketing Scientist”. Prior to founding ECS, Keith spent 26 years in the technology industry specializing in Enterprise Market Development, Global Innovation, Global Media Services, Marketing and Sales. He has held executive and officer roles at IBM, WamNet and Microsoft and has had geographical responsibility for North America, Switzerland,

United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Australia.

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